Speaker Program 2019

There are four talks for this winter.  If there are any handouts, they will be provided immediately below.

André Poliquin Clematis notes distributed at the talk by André Poliquin: Andre_Poliquin_Clematis

André Poliquin Clematis NOTES TAKEN BY DAVID OLDACRE AND KINDLY SUPPLIED TO THE BLGC: Andre_Poliquin_Clematis_Oldacre (en anglais seulement)

Handouts from 2018 can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

January 19, 2019 – André Poliquin


Back by popular demand! André Poliquin, well known horticultural enthusiast, speaker, veteran researcher, devoted gardener, and plant collector. André who is well known both in Quebec and elsewhere for his extensive knowledge of orchids, roses and clematis will be enlightening us with his many years of research on Clematis. In fact, he has written a book on growing clematis in Quebec. Learn about this plant group: choosing, planting, and pruning: a great way to add vertical elements to your garden!

February 16, 2019 – Jean-Martin Fortier


Jean-Martin Fortier runs an organic microfarm in St. Armand and lectures worldwide about how to grow vegetables without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. He will talk about maximizing production for the space, emphasizing intelligent farm design,
appropriate technologies and effective use of the soil. Author of a grower’s handbook, in English or French; The Market Gardener: A Successful Grower’s Handbook, Fortier and his wife with their Les Jardins de la Grelinette team are popular vendors of organic vegetables at the Knowlton Farmer’s market.

March 16, 2019 – Yolanta & Brian Bertram


Yolanta and Brian Bertram of Montreal have started a large commercial peony garden near Lachute and are producing more than 700 varieties of their favourite flower, the majority from France. They will describe their love affair with French peonies, long used to make perfumes because of their pronounced scent. They will share tips on growing peonies as part of what they call their Enchanted Garden of flowers and fruit trees.

April 20, 2019 – Vinko Culjak Mathieu


Vinko Culjak Mathieu teaches insect biology at McGill University. He will talk about the pests we would like to be rid of as well as the beneficial creepycrawlies who play an important role in our gardens and pollinate our plants. He will explain how this interaction between insects and plants works, from his research which extends from the Canadian High Arctic to Argentina.

2018 Handout notes:

Larry Hodgson Perennials NOTES TAKEN BY DAVID OLDACRE AND KINDLY SUPPLIED TO THE BLGC: Larry_Hodgson_20_Perennials_20180120  (en anglais seulement)

Alison Marks Lavendar NOTES TAKEN BY DAVID OLDACRE AND KINDLY SUPPLIED TO THE BLGC: Alison_Marks_Lavendar_Oldacre   (en anglais seulement)

André Poliquin Roses NOTES DISTRIBUTED AT THE TALK BY ANDRÉ POLIQUIN Roses_Poliquin (en anglais seulement)

André Poliquin Roses NOTES TAKEN BY DAVID OLDACRE AND KINDLY SUPPLIED TO THE BLGC: André_Poliquin_Roses_Oldacre   (en anglais seulement)